Tess and I received ours (CD). Thank you so much! It's truly one of the best albums I've listened to in a long while Kim.

And the band, including genuine Country and Rock music legends like Neal Ford and Harvey Kagan make it that much more special. "Live in Texas" is a superb CD!

Suggestion for folks who have friends and relatives living in far off places. You may not get them out here to Texas in time for the Holidays, but you can sure as heck make sure a little bit of Texas arrives in their stockings around about Christmas Time.
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David K Winnett Jr  7/22/17

Here's the deal. Kim has one of the best soulful blues voices I've ever heard. She has feeling, dynamics, subtleties and unique vocal timbre. She's in a market where folks desperately hang on to a past that has long gone away. She's cut her teeth in that market. Now it's time for her to take that talent to a broader audience. Everyone should hear Kim Meeks. A voice in the wilderness that still sings with every cell of soul, emotion and control she has in her body and soul. She can deliver. And does every time. She never mails it in or takes a song off. A truly genuine and kind person on top of all of that. Kick that starter, biotch, and ride it like you stole it. No fear.Type your paragraph here.

Fond Kiser (musician)   7/11/15

Speaking professionally as a business owner, Kim and Her Bad Habits inspire a certain "Magic" that is not duplicated in any other band that plays here. They bridge all gaps. No matter what style of music you like, they will be your favorite. (I'm an aging new waver myself.) Kim's fans are loyal and true, they drink, but not to excess, they tip well, they dance and they will come back again and again. They will become your friends as they have with me. We are truly blessed to have Kim and Her Bad Habits playing on our team. They will always show up on time, pour their hearts into the show, make you a pile of money and the best part is that they care about their venue owners and will be a friend to you. Kim and Her Bad Habits might be the best thing to ever happen to Oma Gruene's Secret Garten.

Tracy Graves – Oma Gruene’s Secret Garten   5/1/17

to give back to you....... sometimes it's hard to fit into a word the depth, the gravity, the rightful energy, that is being meant to convey.....so Kim, the word is "thanks

but make no mistake that the "many of us", get "you".........in sheer splendid naked vulnerability, you stand before us, pour out your truth in song.....and our mundane lives become something worthy, we drink you in, as if we have been stranded in the desert, days without water......your light, your heart, your soul enters through our ears, and like the righteous, ringing, rhapsody of a fine, delicate, crystal bell, it is our very soul that begins to resonate.

 ......not for a single minute forget or lose sight, that through the din of noise, the laughter, the haste, the loud conversations, or dancing....that you mean more to us then our words have ways of adequately expressing...... like all things of any real value, it is no longer just the music......it has become the love
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Wilson Apkarian  3/17/15